Stream 419

Stream 419 is a new app that is a collection of awesome digital internet radio stations located in and around the Toledo area! Think of this as your new FM dial for Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. So much music, so few commercials! These stations were designed by radio professionals who have exited the corporate world and decided to pursue their passions.

So far the line up includes:

*Classic Hits 419 (Variety)- Owned by Jeff Lamb

*River Rat Country (Classic and outlaw Country) featuring Cliff Smithers and London Mitchell.

*Towpath Radio (Pure Oldies) featuring Bill Michaels and London Mitchell.

*Yacht Rockin Radio (Soft Rock) featuring endless summer music.

*Sweet 419 (’90s and 2k) featuring ’90s and 2k Pop Hits.

* 989X (’90s alternative)

The Stream 419 app also features the London Mitchell “Staying in Contact” podcast!

We are adding to this app as we find and vet more stations. We’re currently on the hunt for a good, nearly local, Hip Hop & R&B station along with a good rock station. (Message us if you find one that’s local and not on FM!)

Available now through Apple, Android, and on your Amazon Fire device (including TV). Carplay and Android Auto will be available this week.


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Amazon Fire: